• Franklin is a city and county seat of Williamson County, Tennessee, United States. About 21 miles south of Nashville, it is one of the principal cities of the Nashville metropolitan area and Middle Tennessee. As of 2019, its estimated population was 83,097. It is the seventh-largest city in Tennessee.


    The city developed on both sides of the Harpeth River, a tributary of the Cumberland River. In the 19th century, Franklin as the county seat was the trading and judicial center for primarily rural Williamson County and remained so well into the 20th century as the county remained rural and agricultural in nature.


    Painting is one of the best things you can do to improve the look and the feel of your house. The painting will produce immediate results and will keep your house safe from weather elements and insects. There is a bunch of reasons why you should get your house a brand new paint job. It will add character and personality to your house!


    Painting is definitely the easiest and cheapest way you can transform the look and the feel of your house. Even the old house will look much better if painted properly. It will cover stains, dents, dings, and marks on the walls of your house.


    If you plan on selling your house soon, a new paint job will make your house more attractive to buyers and it will increase the overall value of your house as well. A fresh paint job will get you closer to the price your asking for!


    Paints have changed so much over the years. Zero or low VOC paints will release more free toxins and are much healthier for you and your kids. This is especially great if you have somebody in your family with allergies or chemical sensitivities. New paints will improve the air quality in your house because they have fewer gases compared to older paints.
    New paint will keep dust or dirt buildups to a minimum and will protect the walls of your house from wear and tear as well as protect them from moisture. That way it will prevent the growth of mold and mildew. That will help your siding and trim last much longer.


    Painting is a much cheaper way to improve the look of your house compared to reconstruction.


    Make sure to wait for dry weather to start your painting job. The last thing you want is to paint your house when it's windy or rainy outside because that will get all kinds of dirt and dust onto your fresh paint.


    Covering your furniture is a must! You don't want to get paint on your floors, couches, chairs, tables, cabinets, etc... You can simply use plastic bags to cover those areas that you don't want paint on. Also, make sure all light switches and outlet covers are removed or covered. To cover floors you can use old bedsheets as drop cloths but the better option would be to buy canvas drop cloths. They're a bit more expensive but they aren't slippery, they absorb splatters and they will last you a lifetime!